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Who Keeps the Dog in a Divorce?

When it comes to divorce, there is often a lot of uncertainty and confusion surrounding who gets to keep the family dog. While many people might assume that the spouse who is awarded custody of the children will also be given ownership of the pet, this is often not the case. Instead, there are many[…] Read More

Who Is At Fault in A Sudden Divorce?

Marriages can end in different ways and while some spouses are well aware of existing problems, others are completely blindsided when they are told of their partner’s desire to end things. The term for this is “Sudden Divorce Syndrome,” and it can be shocking, to say the least. Men are more often the ones who[…] Read More

How Long Does the Divorce Process Take?

There is no set time limit for a divorce to reach completion. The length depends on many factors and each spouse’s willingness to agree regarding marital property, child custody, and division of assets. Theoretically, a couple could divorce in New Jersey relatively quickly. Unlike many other states that require a minimum time period of separation[…] Read More

Will I Need to Pay Alimony to My Ex?

Alimony, or spousal support, refers to financial payments made from one spouse to the other during or following a divorce to maintain a similar standard of living. The main purpose of alimony is to allow each spouse equal or similar financial standing, and is typically awarded to the lower-earning, dependent spouse. Alimony is not automatic[…] Read More

 How Do I Prepare for a Divorce?

Every couple faces challenges that can put their marriage to the test. Financial pressures, balancing busy careers and family obligations, and communication issues can cause even the most seemingly stable marriages to fall apart. Divorce has a major impact on all aspects of your life, so the more prepared you are as you begin to[…] Read More

How is Marital Property Divided?

When a marriage is dissolved, a variety of issues that must be resolved. Many couples find the division of shared assets to be one of most challenging. If you are considering divorce or have already started the process, you are probably wondering who will get the house, the business, and the rest of the property[…] Read More

What Do I Need to Know About an Uncontested Divorce?

High-profile celebrity divorces often make news, especially when both parties are unwilling to compromise on even the most insignificant issues, causing the divorce to become extremely bitter, contentious, and expensive. While a bitter divorce between two well-known celebrities may help sell magazines, most couples are able to make compromises and work towards a divorce settlement[…] Read More

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