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Child Custody Lawyers in Hunterdon County

Protecting the Best Interests of the Child in Hunterdon County

Child Custody and Visitation

Protecting the relationships of those that matter the most to you – that’s what we care about. Child custody battles are, without a doubt, the most significant, high stake aspect of any divorce. Nothing is more heartbreaking than an unfair ruling, and nothing is more validating than watching the courts make the right decision. There are no real guidelines for a quick, open-and-shut case for every divorce involving child custody. Thankfully, these are given the full and faithful examination by the courts in order to reach what the courts will consider the right decision in terms of what would be the best arrangement for the children involved.

What Types of Custody Are There?

In every custody arrangement, both parents are fighting for the ability to spend time with their children and for the rights to make decisions for them regarding how they will be raised and cared for. These two parts of custody are given priority in every possible arrangement when it comes to court judgment, mediation, or collaborative divorce.

There are basically three different kinds of custody arrangements:

  • Joint legal custody – this allows both parents to make decisions for their children and regularly participate in their lives. One parent usually houses the child most often, while the other serves sort of as an alternate.
  • Sole legal and physical custody – this arrangement means that one spouse houses and makes every day-to-day decision for the child without the need to consult the other parent. If this is being threatened by your ex-spouse, it’s important to hire qualified family law attorneys to help you avoid this ruling.
  • Shared legal and physical custody – this is perhaps the most ideal scenario for both parents, as this allows for equal decision-making and much more equal time spent with your children. The usual arrangement is alternating weeks, and each parent is obligated to inform the other before making large decisions for the child.

How is Child Custody Determined in Hunterdon County?

A New Jersey court will tend to lean towards 50/50 custody when applicable, however they will always rule on what is in the best interests of the child. If joint custody is sought for by both parents, a judge will determine if doing so will create a positive and safe up-bringing for the child(ren).

What Our Clients Have to Say

5 / 5 stars “Daniel is smart, kind and ethical – I recommend him without reservation. He was very generous in taking time to understand the specifics of my situation and gave me excellent advice. I was impressed by how quickly he understood the nuances of my situation and that he clearly had my (and my child’s) best interests in mind. I am extremely grateful to Daniel for his time and advice.” –Anonymous

How a Hunterdon County Child Custody Attorney Can Help You

Our answer to this question starts with a consultation in which we understand what your most wanted outcome is in in your case. If you feel that your children should have no contact with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse because of a drug or alcohol addition or history of domestic violence, we can fight for sole legal and physical custody. If your ex-spouse is threatening this arrangement, we can work to see that he or she does not succeed.

In cases where both parents are loving and capable of successfully raising their children, our New Jersey family law attorneys will gladly carry out a collaborative divorce or mediation, where both spouses and their legal representation seek the fairest and mutually beneficial arrangement.

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