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Correcting Unfair Judgments in Hunterdon County

In family law, especially matters concerning divorce, cases often cannot be resolved peacefully between the two parties involved. This means that the divorce is contested, which also means that it will wind up in court. When these matters are heard in the family courts, complete with judge and jury, a ruling needs to be made. Often, these aren’t fair or ideal for one party involved, but our system allows for the opportunity to correct it through an appeal.

What parts of the court order can be appealed?

The short answer to this question is nearly any part. An appeal takes on the task of proving to a new jury and hopefully new judge, that the orders made in your case did not reflect justice or the best interests of the court.

Judgments made regarding the following can be appealed:

We know that these aspects of your divorce are the most important ones to your future happiness and well-being. If you feel that your interests were not reflected in the court’s decision and for unfair reason, even if you feel that your previous legal counsel did not do a good job representing you, our Whitehouse Station family law attorneys want to help.

Appeals versus Modifications

An appeal is most appropriate when it is believed that the family court made a poor decision because they were not presented with all of the facts of the case, or they were biased in some way. An appeal means an immediate attempt to change the order and give yourself another shot at a fair judgement.

Modifications, on the other hand, are different. Modifications can be made to a court order when something has changed in the lives of those involved since the ruling, and the court’s orders need to reflect those changes. A good example would be, let’s say the father was granted custody of the children, but he was recently arrested or lost his job. It would make more sense, given that recent change, that a new custody arrangement be made.

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