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Collaborative Divorce Lawyers in Hunterdon County

Faster, Affordable, & Peaceful Path through Divorce in New Jersey

When attorneys refer to litigation, they’re talking about full trial appearances with a jury and judge. In these matters, the case is considered an on-going investigation, and both parties are advised not to speak to each other or even to anyone else about what’s going on in the matter. Not only this, but they and even their children are often forced to testify in front of the court, which can be a very draining and sometimes traumatic experience. This is called a contested divorce, and a collaborative divorce is about the direct opposite of this.

Collaborative Divorce Law in New Jersey

Collaborative divorce is a process where a couple works together to make an ideal arrangement for everyone involved, especially for children, in the divorce. Attorneys, mental health professionals, divorce, coaches, and financial advisors are a part of the process. This avoids the grueling battle of divorce litigation.

The aims of everyone involved is to reach logical conclusions pertaining to child custody, alimony, child support, property division, and division of debt.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

As mentioned before, collaborative divorce stands as the best way to avoid the grueling process of divorce litigation. While it’s more convenient in this aspect, it also has a number of other perks that benefit everyone involved.

Collaborative divorces often come with the following positive effects:

  • You save months, perhaps even years of your time
  • You save thousands of dollars on courts and attorneys fees
  • You benefit from a team of specialists that acts as a task force
  • Your children avoid the trauma of “choosing a side” or testifying in court
  • Your children learn from an example that teaches them peaceful resolution
  • Your children gain the sense that even though you are entering divorce, they still have a loving family

Of course, just with any divorce, there are those that qualify for collaboration and those that do not. If your divorce is rooted in drug addiction, alcohol addiction, domestic violence, or other abusive behaviors in your future ex-spouse, it’s likely more beneficial for you and your children to litigate for full custody.

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