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Family Law

Family law is perhaps one of the most important areas of law. The stakes during these cases deal with what matters most to you – your loved ones, your assets, financial stability, and even your entire way of life. We know that you never expected to be in this situation, and that you may be overwhelmed. Whether a marriage is just beginning or coming to an end, we fight for your best interests and to protect those close to you and your way of life.

Our Hunterdon County family law attorneys use a hands-on approach in dealing with all of the following matters:

What Can I Expect in a Contested Divorce?

“Contested” means that the two parties involved cannot and refuse to compromise on aspects of the divorce that matter most to them, such as child custody, division of assets, and alimony. Those who are using mediation in a collaborative divorce don’t need to worry too much about this, as it means that they are able or at least willing to come to agreements that satisfy both parties involved.

Because these agreements can’t be made in a private meeting, contested also means that it will likely go to court. Both parties will fight for custody, possession of major assets, or a certain amount of alimony in a court of law, complete with a judge and jury. The court will rule in favor of what it believes to be fair.

How Do Your Family Lawyers Help?

We help by considering every possible factor in your case in the context of what the courts will deem fair. In custody battles especially, the jury will rule in favor of what’s best for the child or children. The courts will consider things like income and lifestyles of each parent, but we know that the quality of the relationship each parent has with the children can trump these other factors. This is how we help.

Helping Domestic Violence Victims and Their Children

If you’ve been victimized by domestic violence, we want to help. The first priority of our firm becomes the safety of you and your children. Then, we fight to see that you and your children are never exposed to this again, and that your new of way of life is rewarded in wake of the suffering you have wrongfully been forced to endure in the past.

Putting Our Knowledge and Skill on Your Side

Our Hunterdon County family law attorneys are committed to seeing that your justice is carried out, either by the courts or at our mediation tables. While we cannot guarantee any outcome in a contested scenario, we can guarantee that the things that mean the most to you will be fought for by our firm with all of the experience, resources, dedication, and courtroom skill that we have at our disposal.

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