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Promoting Fair & Full Child Support Arrangements

One of the most vital aspects of a divorce involving children is the child support arrangement. This pertains to the food, shelter, clothing, education, and medical needs of children involved in a divorce in terms of monthly payments. Generally, child support is not something that is hotly contested. In fact, it’s usually the most easily calculated part of a divorce, as the State of New Jersey sticks closely to the guidelines they have put into place.

These guidelines follow three basic principles held by the state:

  • Child support is an on-going effort of both parents
  • Children should benefit from the combined income of both parents
  • Children should not be financially victimized by a divorce

Main Concerns of Family Courts in Child Custody Rulings

While there are established guidelines that more or less take care of this aspect in most divorce cases, not every family’s circumstances are so cut and dry. If there are complications involved, the courts will consider all of them, not necessarily for the parents’ interests, but for the best interests of the children who may be affected.

The following are considered in special child supports matters:

  • Income of both parents
  • The capability of each parent to provide an income
  • Any medical concerns of each child
  • Any special educational requirements for each child
  • The levels of comfort the children have become accustomed to during the marriage

Hunterdon County Child Support Lawyers Help Enforce Child Support Payments

In family law cases, whether child support is agreed upon during a collaborative divorce or arranged in a ruling by a family court judge, the failure to pay child support can be considered contempt of court, which is a misdemeanor crime. If your spouse is not complying with their end of the arrangement, and your children are suffering because of it, this requires immediate action. Our New Jersey County family law attorneys can help you collect what you are owed.

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