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What Is Co-Mediation in Divorce?

Divorce mediation

In many divorce mediations, a single person facilitates the discussion. There are times when two mediators may be more effective than one. A co-mediated divorce brings in another professional with a different background whose efforts can complement the other mediator’s. A co-mediated divorce could lead to a faster and more amicable mediation process.

While mediation is often successful, it may take significant effort to resolve it. During the process, the spouses may experience intense disagreements. The post-divorce relationship is significant when the two spouses still need to co-parent. Thus, the spouses may require additional help during mediation to facilitate a less contentious agreement.

The Spouses May Need a Second Mediator

While the mediator is professionally trained and skilled at resolving disputes, some matters may be more complex than they can handle. They may benefit from a team of other professionals who can help the spouses make progress in the negotiations. A co-mediated divorce occurs when two mediators participate in the sessions. They may switch off as necessary to keep the mediation running smoothly.

For example, the spouses may need a financial expert in the mediation sessions. Many of the issues involved in a divorce relate to property division and spousal support. The financial expert can help the parties resolve their issues.

Co-mediation is an investment in helping you resolve your divorce. Although court hearings are sometimes necessary, there are occasions when neither party wins when the case goes to trial.

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