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Common Mistakes to Avoid During a Divorce

Our Skilled Hunterdon County Divorce Lawyers at Tune Law Group, LLC Will Guide You Through Your Divorce

Your choices during a divorce may set the tone for the rest of your life. You must plan ahead so you do not compromise your position in the future. Here are some common mistakes to avoid during a divorce.

Relying on Verbal Agreements or Communication

If something is not part of a court order, it may compromise your legal rights. Trying to reach verbal agreements may put your rights at risk. You are always safest when something is on paper and signed by you and your spouse. This way, your agreement likely has the power of the court behind it.

Failing to Plan for the Future

Your situation today may differ from what you may face in the future. You may not get the chance to fix things if you fail to account for your current and future needs. In addition, you must meet a high burden to obtain a modification of an existing court order.

Giving Too Much in Negotiations

You may feel some sympathy for your spouse. It may be best not to let these emotions enter your divorce negotiations. While you may need to compromise, you should consider your limits.

Letting Emotions Get in the Way

You may go through various emotions in a divorce, including anger and hurt. Generally speaking, you should not let emotions control how you approach the divorce process. Ultimately, the goal is to resolve your case as amicably as possible without litigation.

Trying to Handle Your Divorce on Your Own

If you try to be your own legal advocate during the divorce, you could hurt your case. There may be many things that you do not know that could hurt you. Courts will often not give you extra leniency or regard because you are trying to argue your case as a self-represented litigant. An experienced attorney will handle the details of your case. They will communicate with your spouse’s attorney and provide you with objective advice. Having an attorney gives you a better chance of obtaining the best possible outcome in your divorce case.

Our Skilled Hunterdon County Divorce Lawyers at Tune Law Group, LLC Will Guide You Through Your Divorce

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