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What Professional Experts Might I Need to Resolve My Divorce?

Couple peacefully finalizing their divorce with the help of professional experts and a dedicated divorce lawyer.

If you and your spouse are fortunate enough to have an amicable divorce, your divorce attorney will be able to negotiate a fair settlement without having to go to court. However, if you have complex custody issues that need to be resolved, if you have accumulated a significant amount of marital property over the course of your marriage, or if you are concerned that your spouse may try to hide assets, your attorney may need to call in a variety of other professionals to help reach a fully fair resolution. A skilled divorce attorney will work closely with you through every step of the divorce process, determine whether additional expertise is needed, and help obtain the assistance of a qualified team of experts.  

What Are Examples of Experts That Are Used for Divorce?

In addition to your dedicated divorce attorney, it may be in your best interest to consult with some of the following individuals who can provide additional expertise in areas like real estate, retirement investments and employment issues:

  • Real estate appraiser: This person has a thorough understanding of real estate and can tell you what your home is worth. If you or your spouse wish to keep the marital home, or plan to purchase a second home, a certified real estate appraiser will determine the present value of the home, as well as a buyout figure.
  • Personal property appraiser: This individual will be able to determine what the contents of your household are worth, including artwork, antiques, electronics, furniture, and other items of value, and assign value to each item. A personal property appraiser can also help you and your spouse decide who gets to keep which items and at what cost.
  • Accounting/pension expert: This individual will identify all retirement accounts, including pensions and IRAs, determine the value of each and how the funds will be distributed. They will also identify all income of your spouse’s income streams, taxable income, spending patterns and debts.
  • Vocational expert: If you are seeking spousal support, this person will determine your spouse’s earning potential as it relates to the issue of calculating support payments.
  • Custody and parenting expert: Depending on your specific circumstances, and the issues you are having a difficult time resolving, you may benefit from working with a custody expert, a parenting coordinator, a child therapist, or a reunification therapist.
  • Business valuation expert: There are a wide range of complex financial matters that must be addressed and resolved during a divorce, from tax matters and investments to determining how marital property – including the ownership of a business – will be divided. Having a financial expert on board will help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure that your financial interests are protected.

How Do I Choose the Right Experts?

If you and your spouse are unable to reach an agreement over key issues, your divorce attorney will provide a list of highly recommended experts in a range of fields. You can ask your attorney to offer their recommendations and provide an explanation as to why he or she is recommending one individual over another.

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