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How to Prepare for Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation

Mediation is an effective tool to help resolve your divorce case. You should prepare ahead of time for the mediation sessions, working with an experienced attorney. Here are some steps that you can take to get ready for mediation to put yourself in a better position.

Organize Your Financial Information

You should be as organized as possible before the mediation begins. You should have account information readily accessible, including statements, tax returns, and records.

Understand the Mediator’s Role

The mediator is not someone who will decide your divorce. They have no power to issue rulings in your case. The mediator’s role is to help you and your spouse reach an agreement on key issues, acting as a neutral third party. Their job is to facilitate communication. Understanding what the mediator does and what may happen can help shape your expectations.

Develop Your Communication Strategy

You should keep your emotions under control during the mediation session. If you cannot manage your emotions, it may undermine the chances that the mediation is successful. You must prepare beforehand to know what to do to remain calm. This means that you are mentally ready for what could be a difficult negotiation.

Work With Your Attorney on a Negotiation Strategy

Each spouse will have their opening position when the mediation begins. Over time, there will likely be some give and take, where each spouse begins to compromise. Your attorney needs to know what you are prepared to give and what you want to get. You should communicate with your lawyer beforehand so you are on the same page.

Know That You Will Have to Compromise

Both parties often need to be ready to give up some of what is important to them. Each spouse must feel like they have gotten some of what they want for the mediation to succeed. Preparation is the key.

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