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Wonderful Family Lawyer

“Daniel is smart, kind and ethical – I recommend him without reservation. He was very generous in taking time to understand the specifics of my situation and gave me excellent advice. I was impressed by how quickly he understood the nuances of my situation and that he clearly had my (and my child’s) best interests in mind. I am extremely grateful to Daniel for his time and advice.”


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Tune Law Group’s professionalism and expertise are indisputable

Daniel Tune is and always will be a hero to my family, at a time when we needed one the most.  Daniel ferociously defended us from an unjust accusation, his calm and empathetic demeanor offered emotional support to myself and those I care about the most.  The legal process can be tricky, especially when you are falsely accused.  It is vital to select the right person and practice for the job, without hesitation, that is Daniel Tune. Throughout the case, he executed a deep understanding of the law and a keen ability to negotiate with the other side. He was relentless in his pursuit of justice and fought tirelessly on our behalf. 

The Tune Law Group’s professionalism and expertise are indisputable, the value this team provides is greatly appreciated. Daniel engaged himself as though he was fighting for his own family.  I will forever be grateful to Daniel Tune and Tune Law Group.

Getting the Job ‘Done’

Stephanie Fulton is an ambitious attorney! If doctors have a ‘Bedside Manner’ She has a ‘Lawside Manner’ yes, I made that up! what do you need more than that as a client? A lawyer getting the job ‘Done’, and respond fast for my dumb questions!


Helped Me Make the Right Decision

All at TLG are kind, supportive and friendly. Their advice made me feel confident and helped me make the right decision. Should I ever need an attorney in the future, I would choose them.

Extremely Competent

I am a family law mediator and have recently worked with Daniel Tune on a difficult case. He is extremely competent. I was impressed with his knowledge of the law and professionalism. He really sought to find the best outcome for the particular needs of his client based on their individual circumstances.


Would Recommend to Friends and Family

Great Firm with awesome staff! Would recommend to friends and family!!!


Expertise, Knowledge, Compassion

Greatest and best …. all around: expertise, knowledge, compassion yet professional and easy to deal with. GO !


Professional and Attentive

Stephanie was excellent in keeping me informed every step of the way. Her communication whether via email or phone was always constant and thorough. Through her hard work and determination she was able to help me settle without litigation. Stephanie answered every question in detail and made sure I was never left in the dark. Even when out of office, Daniel Tune took over my case and handled any concerns I had as if it were his own. The entire staff of Tune Law Group where nothing short of professional and attentive to my every need.


Utmost Professionalism and Compassion

During a recent unexpected court case, Stephanie and the team at Tune Law Group assisted with the utmost professionalism and compassion. Their expertise on the subject matter was something that I could tell only a seasoned group would’ve been able to handle. They were always there for me via email, zoom, or phone call, and always answered my questions promptly and thoroughly. My mind was at ease working with Stephanie as she gave clear, concise advice that I felt confident with, and she never hesitated to go over things in more detail to remain transparent throughout the case.

Outstanding Laywer and Very Genuine

Daniel handled my family case and he did absolutely excellent job. I found him to be supportive, authoritative, decisive, strategic and compassionate. I was impressed the way he handled my case in court room, cross examination and the whole trial went just the way I wanted. He made things so easy, very genuine.

Brilliant Divorce Attorney

I try not to imagine what would have happened if I did not switch my divorce lawyer to Daniel Tune after speaking to a friend about my concerns with my previous lawyer. She told me she interviewed about 10 other lawyers and immediately knew Dan was right for her; assertive, clever, kind, very knowledgeable of NJ divorce law and with reasonable rates. She was exactly right, he was the complete package. Dan immediately recognized my abusive relationship for what it was and helped me do the same to finally take a stand against it. This was just the beginning of Dan demonstrating his capabilities to me; as an intense and clever litigator, respect he has from other colleagues in court, his intense hard work on your case, his knowledge of the law and clever solutions despite some harsh New Jersey divorce laws. The reality of divorce law in New Jersey was a shock to me and down right unfair in my opinion. After I finally got the courage to leave this relationship with my kids, I found myself facing a lifetime of alimony payments that would cause significant financial hardship for my kids and myself as well as child custody concerns, despite all the abuse. However, Dan was able to come up with a brilliant alternative. He is clever, assertive, prepared, kind and professional. His wonderful support staff, Gina and Alaina were always available, very knowledgeable, reassuring and kind as well. I am so thankful to Dan and his team for their outstanding abilities. If you are interviewing divorce attorneys or trying to get the courage to leave an abusive marriage, there is no doubt in my mind, no matter how difficult your situation, Daniel Tune and his team will exceed your expectations and work diligently towards the best possible solution for you and your family.

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