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Flemington Child Support Lawyers

New Jersey law expects both parents to financially support their children. Child support is often contentious and frequently litigated. A Flemington child support lawyer at Tune Law Group, LLC can help you.

How Child Support Is Calculated in New Jersey

The parents will first exchange financial information with each other as part of the divorce or child support process. They may be asked to provide pay information, bank account statements, and tax returns.

New Jersey uses an income share model to calculate child support payments. The court will total the combined income of the two parents and compare it to the cost of raising the child. Then, the court would look at other factors, such as the time each parent spends with each child. Generally, New Jersey uses guidelines found in the court rules to calculate child support.

The guidelines populate a child support figure. However, the court may deviate from the number under special circumstances.

There are additional factors that may be considered in the child support calculations, including but not limited to:

  • Extracurricular activities;
  • Educational expenses;
  • Extraordinary medical expenses;
  • Transportation;
  • College expenses;
  • Child-care expenses;
  • Health insurance.

The Process for Determining Child Support in New Jersey

It helps to have a full understanding of each parent’s financial circumstances and the financial, emotional, and physical needs of the child. A document exchange helps facilitate this process and guides the attorney on what numbers to use in the child support guidelines, keeping in mind the arguments raised by either parent in support or opposition of those numbers. An agreement should be as specific as possible to avoid any ambiguities or disputes. The court must review the agreement before it becomes part of an order.

If the parents cannot agree on child support, they may enlist a mediator to help them negotiate. If they cannot agree, a judge will rule on child support issues.

Modifications of Child Support Orders

The initial child support order is not set in stone. There may be reasons why it needs to be modified, such as when circumstances have changed substantially since the previous child support order. The most common change in circumstances supporting a modification is when either parent’s earnings have changed.

Why You Need a Flemington Child Support Lawyer

Child support is not as simple as applying the New Jersey guidelines. First, the calculations can be disputed. Second, the guidelines are a rebuttable presumption – either party can argue why the guidelines should not apply in the case.

Additionally, you may not know the arguments to persuade a judge if your case is disputed. There is much on the line for you and your children, and a lawyer can help resolve the matter efficiently.

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