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Clinton Divorce Lawyers

Before the court finalizes your divorce, several things must happen. It is recommended that an experienced lawyer handles the legal process so you are fully aware of your rights. Our Clinton divorce lawyers at Tune Law Group, LLC will fight to get you the best possible results based upon your personal circumstances.

What Are Grounds for Divorce in New Jersey?

You need grounds to get a divorce in New Jersey, and these grounds do not always equate to fault. Here are common grounds for divorce in the Garden State:

  • Irreconcilable differences;
  • Separation;
  • Desertion;
  • Extreme Cruelty;
  • Adultery;
  • Incarceration;
  • Abandonment.

How Divorce Cases Are Resolved in New Jersey

The court will not grant a divorce if you and your spouse have contested issues. Before the court issues the divorce decree, you will either need to have a settlement agreement or a hearing before the judge so that he or she can make the final determination.

Most divorce cases are settled through negotiation without a hearing. This may require significant work before you reach this point. You may even go through several steps of the litigation process before you reach a final agreement.

If you cannot agree on the key divorce issues, your case may need to be litigated in court, where a judge will decide the disputed matters.

How Long Does a New Jersey Divorce Take?

How long your divorce case takes depends upon how quickly you and your spouse agree on key issues. Your case can months or even years. The shorter timeframe is generally for instances where you and your spouse are on the same page, or can at least get there without much issue.

If your divorce is contested, you must go through the entire litigation process, including discovery, which takes time to complete. The court process can be slow, and courts may schedule your hearing months into the future because of their caseload.

Do You Need a Divorce Lawyer?

No matter the circumstances, having a lawyer is advisable, especially when the divorce is contentious. Our Clinton divorce lawyers will do the following:

  • Learn and guide your divorce case from start to finish;
  • Negotiate with your spouse’s lawyer;
  • Handle the details so that you can focus on personal matters;
  • Help you build your case;
  • Draft or review the language of a divorce agreement;
  • Argue your case in court if motions or a trial become necessary.

Your Lawyer Can Continue to Help You Post-Divorce

You may still need a lawyer after your divorce is finalized, especially when children are involved.

You may need to seek enforcement or a modification to a child custody or child support agreement. You may also need to answer when your ex-spouse is petitioning the court for a change. The court may modify custody or child support if a parent can show that there has been a major change in circumstances.

Clinton Divorce Lawyers at Tune Law Group, LLC Help Clients Through the Divorce Process

If you are seeking a divorce and require legal help, contact our Clinton divorce lawyers at Tune Law Group, LLC. To schedule a free initial consultation, call us at 908-434-1061 or complete our online form. You should contact us at any time throughout the divorce process so you know you have a professional working on your side. Located in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, we serve clients in and around Hunterdon County, Monmouth County, Whitehouse, and Tewksbury.