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Clinton Child Custody Lawyers

Child custody matters can complicate divorce. Parents may not be able to agree upon what is in their children’s best interests or even upon whom should have custody. All major issues must be resolved for the court to issue a divorce decree. You should highly consider having a lawyer for a child custody dispute.

How Are Child Custody Issues Resolved?

Numerous issues must be addressed before your divorce can be finalized. These issues include:

  • Legal and physical custody;
  • School districts and extracurricular activities;
  • Parenting time schedules.

Child custody litigation can be complex for all parties involved. In most cases, the children will not be directly involved in the proceeding. In other cases, the children may need to speak with the judge.

Numerous things may happen in the litigation process:

  • The court may order a custody evaluation for either or both parents;
  • The child may need to be interviewed by the judge in their chambers;
  • There may be extensive discovery, and some of your personal and private records may be subject to review;
  • You may have to sit for a deposition where you must answer questions under oath.

Many cases filed in court will still be settled in lieu of trial.

Every decision is based upon the children’s best interests. The judge will consider several factors when deciding child custody matters, including but not limited to:

  • Parents’ ability to agree, communicate, and cooperate;
  • Parents’ willingness to accept custody and any history of unjustified withholding;
  • Interaction and relationship of the child with the parents and other siblings;
  • History of domestic violence;
  • Preference of a child of sufficient age and capacity;
  • Stability of home environment;
  • Fitness of parents;
  • Parents’ employment responsibilities.

Modifications to Child Custody Agreements

Even after reaching an agreement or receiving an order from the court, circumstances may change. One or both parents may try to modify the custody agreement to reflect what they believe to be changed circumstances.

Why Should You Hire a Clinton Child Custody Lawyer at Tune Law Group, LLC?

  • It may be difficult to make modifications once you enter into a custody agreement. You must show that circumstances have changed substantially;
  • Child custody cases can be complex and unpredictable; you need someone who understands the system well;
  • A lawyer can provide legal advice and help you reach a solution while advocating your position;

Clinton Child Custody Lawyers at Tune Law Group, LLC Help Parents in Family Law Matters

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