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Raritan Divorce Lawyers

You must address several items before the court issues an order granting a divorce. You should have an attorney working with you throughout the divorce process to protect your legal rights.

What Are Grounds for Divorce in New Jersey?

You can either obtain a fault-based or no-fault divorce in New Jersey. However, most couples opt for a no-fault divorce because it is generally less time-consuming and costly.

Here are common grounds for divorce in the State:

  • Irreconcilable differences;
  • Separation;
  • Desertion;
  • Extreme cruelty;
  • Adultery;
  • Incarceration;
  • Abandonment.

How Divorces Are Resolved in New Jersey

A New Jersey divorce can be contested or uncontested. The two spouses have already agreed upon the key issues in an uncontested divorce. It may take some time and effort to reach the point where both spouses can agree. The court will only grant a divorce if key issues are resolved. Divorce is usually settled through negotiation or mediation without a hearing.

The case must be litigated in court if issues cannot be resolved amongst the parties.

Litigation may involve the following:

  • Exchanging information with the other spouse during the discovery process;
  • Sitting for a deposition where you are questioned under oath by your spouse’s lawyer;
  • Gathering evidence to prove your case;
  • Going to court where arguments are made and a decision is issued by the judge.

How Long Does a Divorce Take?

How long it takes to resolve a divorce depends upon several factors, such as whether the case is mediated or goes to trial. Your divorce case could be finalized in months or even years.

A contested divorce takes longer because it must go through the entire litigation process; the court proceedings can be slow.

Do You Need a Raritan Divorce Lawyer?

Divorce can be stressful and emotional, so having a lawyer to protect your best interests is best.

Here is what a Raritan divorce lawyer can do for you:

  • Evaluate your case and provide you advice.
  • Negotiate with the other spouse’s attorney or with the assistance of a mediator;
  • Draft and review language in the divorce agreement;
  • Send discovery requests and answer discovery on your behalf;
  • Argue your case in court.

Your Lawyer Can Help You Post-Divorce

Modifying a court order can be difficult post-divorce. Your lawyer can help you even after your divorce is resolved.

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