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Raritan Child Custody Lawyers

Child custody are often among the most difficult to resolve in a divorce. Parents may not agree upon what is in the children’s best interests. You can gain some control over your situation by hiring a Raritan child custody lawyer at Tune Law Group, LLC.

How Are Child Custody Matters Resolved in New Jersey?

Parents must work together to raise children, and litigation could rupture their relationship. Ideally, the parents should negotiate with one another through their respective attorneys. Parents may also work through a mediator, a trained third party, facilitate communication and bridge the gap between them. Litigation is generally the last resort in a child custody case.

If the parents cannot resolve key issues, the judge will need to decide. The judge determines which of the below factors (non-inclusive list) to consider and assigns weight to them in determining what is in the children’s best interests:

  • Parents’ ability to agree, communicate, and cooperate;
  • Parents’ willingness to accept custody and any history of unjustified withholding;
  • Interaction and relationship of the child with the parents and other siblings;
  • History of domestic violence;
  • Preference of a child of sufficient age and capacity;
  • Stability of home environment;
  • Fitness of parents;
  • Parents’ employment responsibilities.

Modifying Child Custody Agreements in New Jersey

One parent may need to seek a modification of the child custody order. Circumstances may have changed regarding the children or the parents’ situation. Modifications are not always easy to obtain, as a parent must persuade the court that there has been a significant change in circumstances affecting the best interests of the children.

Why You Need a Raritan Child Custody Lawyer at Tune Law Group, LLC

Here are some reasons why hiring a child custody lawyer is beneficial:

  • It is challenging to look at your situation objectively and clearly when you are in the middle of a child custody dispute;
  • An attorney can help you come up with a creative and effective solution to your matter;
  • While you can appear in front of a judge on your own, you may not know how to present arguments effectively;
  • An attorney can explain and protect your legal rights as a parent under New Jersey law;
  • Hiring a lawyer increases the chances that you can resolve your matter outside of the courtroom;

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