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Hunterdon County Car and Traffic Tickets

Many drivers have received a traffic ticket, whether for speeding, having an expired registration, or making an illegal turn. In many cases, paying your fine and moving on may be preferable. In other cases, however, traffic violations carry stiffer penalties, affect your permanent driving record, and increase insurance rates. Hiring experienced legal counsel is the best course of action.

What Are Common Car and Traffic Violations in New Jersey?

Some common traffic violations in New Jersey include:

  • Unregistered vehicle: All drivable or parked vehicles must be registered with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.
  • Changes: You are required to report name and address changes to the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission and endorse your driver’s license.
  • Expired license: It is illegal to drive with a suspended or expired driver’s license, violate a restricted or conditional license, or fail to possess a license or registration.
  • Seat belt use: State law requires all occupants to wear a seat belt or child passenger restraints.
  • Reckless driving: Operating a vehicle in a reckless or unsafe manner, such as speeding, tailgating, or cutting off others, is considered reckless driving.
  • Speeding: Penalties for speeding depend upon the speed you were driving.

How Long Do Traffic Violations Stay on My Driving Record?

In New Jersey, certain traffic violations may remain on your permanent driving record. If convicted of a traffic offense, “points” may be added to your record, which varies by the severity of the offense and is designed to identify and act against high-risk drivers. The point system also applies to traffic tickets received out-of-state. Too many points can result in additional court fines, driver’s license suspension, surcharges, and increased insurance premiums.

Do Traffic Violations Affect Car Insurance Rates?

Insurance companies in New Jersey can apply a surcharge for traffic violations for three years. Drivers who speed are generally considered a higher risk to insurance companies. The rate at which your premium increases depends upon various factors, such as whether the violation is a first offense.

What Happens if Tickets Are Not Paid?

New Jersey law affords violators a “reasonable opportunity” to pay traffic fines, including installment payments for those who qualify. If you fail to pay traffic fines, the court may issue a bench warrant for your arrest, forcing you to appear in court. Depending upon the circumstances of nonpayment, the court may opt to issue a failure to appear notice, community service hours, or driver’s license revocation.

After receiving a traffic violation, you have a few options, such as accepting the points, paying the fine, or fighting it in court. It is wise to consult an experienced Hunterdon County traffic ticket lawyer to learn what options are available based upon the circumstances of your offense.

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